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Company launches new software channel

Emerson acquires Aperture, a leading provider of data center management software. Emerson reported 140,700 employees worldwide that year.

Mai 2, 2017
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Paves the way for an eventual merger

Emerson sales reach $17.1 billion, an 11 percent increase over the prior year. Emerson airs its first-ever TV commercials to spotlight.

Mai 1, 2017
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Design breakthrough upgrades product

Emerson introduces the Parker scalloped blade design, moving air more quietly and efficiently. Which are then used to power countless.

Mai 1, 2000
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Company opens green design data center

The company shortens its name to “Emerson” and launches a new brand strategy with a new corporate logo to reflect technology leadership.

Mai 2, 1990
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Parker scalloped blade design

Joseph Newman is named the president and sets out to stabilize the company’s balance sheet. He moves the company to mass production.

Mai 1, 1990
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Joseph Newman is named president

Herbert I. Finch becomes president during the ‘Roaring Twenties’ of general prosperity. But by the end of his tenure, the company.

Mai 1, 1985
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Company Newman is named president and sets

Under the leadership of Thomas Meston, the company expands into a new, eight-story factory building in St. Louis. Becomes president.

Mai 2, 1983
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Company completes security certification

By the end of World War I, Emerson’s annual sales approach $3 million dollars. Under the leadership, the company expands into a new.

Mai 2, 1982
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Company expands into eight story factory-building

In St. Louis, Emerson displays its product line in the dazzling Palace of Electricity as the nationwide demand for electricity continues to soar.

Mai 1, 1980
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Company announces range of security products.

Design breakthrough upgrades Emerson Motors to a more useful horsepower, which is then used to power countless time and effort-saving

Mai 2, 1974
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